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Students in arts programs scored 30 percent higher, in basic academic skills testing, than students who were not enrolled in such programs, and they also demonstrated greater creativity and superior communications skills.

PLAY is designed to be a professional development program for youth that augments the City of Orlando's ability to nurture developing young artists while using the workshops and program facilitators to develop and implement art based community projects.

  PLAY will reduce delinquency by providing art instruction in various arts disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on the business and entrepreneurial aspects of the visual arts, imparting participants with important life skills for self sufficiency. 



PLAY is designed to provide participants opportunities for professional development as an artist; learn new creative and business skills while producing saleable art during after-school and summer hours; positive youth / adult interactions; and opportunities to gain recognition and attention for positive efforts. A professional artist and assistants will also lead youth in the development and creation of several public art projects in the Parramore neighborhood. The process of producing and publicly displaying the artwork of program participants has been shown to raises self-esteem and teaches life skills such as beginning and completing a project. Community based art programs create opportunities for strengthened peer, mentor, and family relationships. The curriculum is designed to improve social behavior and social skills; improve academic performance and commitment to school; and develop professional art skills;

To ensure the desired outcome of the program, evaluations will take place before and after each 12 week session.


  • Recruit maximum of 20 youth per session, ages 10- 18 from Parramore Area Schools through Art Contest.
  • To reduce truancy by providing sequential art instruction in various arts disciplines.
  • To teach the business and entrepreneurial benefits of a career in the arts.
  • To teach job skills that will help participants become productive members of society.
  • To provide youth a sense of accomplishment, thus increasing their self-esteem.
  • Youth will be offered mentorship/training, access to art materials and studio facilities.
  • Opportunities to plan/develop art projects in the Parramore neighborhood.
  • Provide youth opportunities to sell their art works.



An appropriate site for the program activities is a critical part of creating a safe haven. The program site will be in a safe environment—safe both physically and emotionally. Youth need to feel that they are supported by all who come into contact with them. The site will be accessible to the youth—they must be able to travel to and from the program safely. And, the site must be appealing as a creative environment to both the youth and the artists.




Public exhibitions and Community Enhancement Projects

 Public recognition for a youth’s achievements is one of the critical elements in programs that enhance adolescent behavior and professional development as an artist.This component of PLAY is the display and sale of the artwork created by the youth. The program design includes an exhibition at the end of each 12-week cycle, to which the youths’ parents and key people in the community are invited. Youth are responsible for helping to set up the exhibition, label the work, price the art, and, afterwards, take down the exhibition. PLAYs’ Artistic Director is responsible for researching other opportunities to sell the art created by PLAY students. It is important to think creatively about where the youths’ work is exhibited. Exhibition sites for PLAY display and sales can be held at local art galleries, small businesses, local shopping malls and public libraries.

Youth that successfully fulfill program requirements will receive a certificate of completion signed by the Mayor of Orlando and P.L.A.Y. Artistic Director.


To make a donation or to order art call 407.754.6133

PLAY is designed by Orlando Artist Everett Spruill to be a professional development visual art program for youth in the City of Orlando. The goal is to nurture developing young artists while using the workshops and program facilitators to develop and implement art based community projects.