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I hope that you will take a moment to reflect upon the art within this site.  It was created by hands that could be otherwise picking up a remote control watching hours of television, shoplifting from a store, or taking an addictive substance, instead of picking up a paintbrush or a camera.   Across the country, government and non-profit agencies are responding to the youth-at-risk crisis by partnering with juvenile justice and social service agencies, schools, and community centers. Through these partnerships, we have discovered by way of anecdotal reports that arts programs are effective in buffering the risk factors associated with problem behaviors, which will progress to juvenile delinquency without the proper intervention.   Until now, limited concrete data has existed to determine program effectiveness.  

Beginning in the Summer of 2007, a partnership was created with The Orlando Community & Youth Trust.  The implementation of the PLAY program  provides youth with positive life experiences and job training, offering options for a life path otherwise not possible.   These youth are gaining the skills necessary to become effective workers and positive forces in society. Due to your leadership in the business community, your company can directly benefit from these future members of an educated and productive workforce who will be contributors to our economy. As you enjoy the art created by these youth, we hope that it will move you to make a generous statement of your company’s support of this program and its participants.  Initial funding for this Project was provided by the Orlando Community and Youth Trust and the City of Orlando and individuals.  Your donation will make a difference and ensure the continued success of this program.

“Your generous donation will help us reach more youth and reach our goals and objectives much quicker.  
  • To reduce truancy by providing sequential art instruction in various arts disciplines.
  • To teach the business and entrepreneurial benefits of a career in the arts.
  • To teach job skills that will help participants become productive members of society.
  • To provide youth a sense of accomplishment, thus increasing their self-esteem.
  • Youth will be offered mentorship/training, access to art materials and studio facilities.
  • Opportunities to plan/develop art projects in the Parramore neighborhood.
  • Provide youth opportunities to sell their art works.
  • Planning and implementing cooperative projects between art organizations and the private sector.
  • Introducing youth artists to current commercial opportunities and services.

 The PLAY Program Planning Committee is seeking mentors, sponsors and donations to support our current schedule. Your generous support whether “in kind” or monetary would be highlighted in our newsletter throughout the year. Your company logo will also be included on all promotional materials including print ads, posters and invitations.  We hope that you will consider our request and contact us at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions or need more information my telephone numbers are 407-754-6133 or 407-292-3183. Thank you for considering this request and I look forward to hearing from you. 



Everett Spruill 


7927 Village Green Road, Orlando, FL 32818-8952